Hand Lettered + Painted Acrylic Seating Chart

Hand lettering and acrylic seem to be a huge trend right now. Anything from seating charts, to invitations to escort cards... the two go hand in hand beautifully. And the best part is - depending on which pen/design you choose - the acrylic can be reused! 

I was recently asked to participate in a styled shoot for a mixed metals inspired wedding and I thought it would be a great opportunity to incorporate the two. There are SO MANY ways to design seating charts and I was thrilled to get a chance to showcase this style. The seating chart turned out so so great and we even incorporated table numbers and escort cards to match! 

Here's how it all went down. 

I wanted the seating chart to be an investment on my end so I made sure the engineering of the design was something that could easily be reused and customized. We came up with a two piece solution: (1) the base that holds the acrylic in place and (2) the acrylic that slides into the base. The thought being that the acrylic + base could be personalized for any event and rented for multiple uses.  

First, we brought the design into AutoCad to make sure it had the look I was going for and also to get the correct dimensions. Then we started building the base. Having a handy boyfriend works in my favor for most (if not all) of my big ideas.      


If you have the resources, print out your design at size. This will help with your hand lettering and make virtually any design you come up with possible! Print out your design and lay your clean acrylic sheet on top. 

To incorporate the "mixed metals" theme of the shoot, I decided to separate the tables using a thin copper line and then added pops of "metal" by painting a few of the abstract shapes copper and silver. The third shape near the bottom is teal which was a complimentary color in the mixed metals palette. 

Next, I used painters tape to mark the lines and the solid areas that would be getting painted. To provide additional visual interest, I decided to paint the lines on the front of the acrylic and the solid areas on the back of the acrylic. This would provide a bit of depth to the design. I used Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Paint in copper, and a foam roller.

I gave it two coats and then let it dry overnight. Then I flipped it over, propped it up (to protect the paint on the front) and painted the solid blocks of color. I used Martha Stewart Crafts™ Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint in silver and copper and Anita's™ All Purpose Acrylic Craft Paint in 11042 Midnight Blue. These solid sections got three coats of paint and, again, overnight dry time.   

Next comes the fun part! For the hand lettering, I used a Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker and a good ol' fashioned ruler. Make sure your paint is dry, carefully peel off the painters tape* and flip that baby back over. Line up your ruler, use the printed reference as your guide and start lettering!

These markers are great! If you mess up, quickly erase it away with some windex and a paper towel or some wet wipes and get back at it. Also, if you choose to use only the Chalk Ink on your sign design you can wipe the whole thing away after the event and reuse the acrylic for something else!

After the lettering is dry, the sign is complete! Carefully slide it into the base, add some florals and get all the heart eyes! 

Photo: Maggie Marguerite Studio | Florals: Leah Erickson Floral

Photo: Maggie Marguerite Studio | Florals: Leah Erickson Floral

Gorgeous. And so versatile! 

Do you need this for your event? Our base is available for rent and we'd love to help with an acrylic, hand-lettered design that coordinates with your look. Send us a quick note and we'll be in touch!    

*Peeling painters tape is seriously one of my most satisfying joys in life.